Storytelling at The Phoenician on Christmas Eve

Phoe-Phoe reading her book, 'Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends'

Phoe-Phoe reading her book, ‘Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends’

By celebrityHeadshots_Collage dogs, Happy, Lady & Lucy, of the King’s Life children’s book series about dog-friendly places. They sniff out the best of adventures at luxury hotels for kids and pets.

We’re honored to be invited to join Mrs. Claus to read stories to the children at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, tonight, this beautiful Christmas Eve, from 6pm – 9pm in the Main Lobby. While Mrs. Claus reads traditional tales, we’ll help read The Phoenician’s new book, Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends, written by our mother, Emily Randolph and photo illustrated by our father, Dan Merchant. We can’t wait to meet all the children, who we hope will give us a nibble of the their holiday cookies!

For those of you who will not be able to join us, we hope you will enjoy this new rendition of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, written by Emily for the little children staying at The Phoenician on Christmas Eve. To all of you, no matter where you are, Happy Holidays!

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas With Phoe-Phoe & Friends

‘Twas the night before Christmas, all are dressed to the nines,
To stay at The Phoenician and have a great time;
The resort shines bright in its holiday glow,
A fairyland decked with white lights and gold bows;
From the Jokake Inn to the top of the resort,
To the Cactus Garden to the Lobby’s Tea Court;
It sits at the base of famed Camelback Mount,
A setting quite fit for barons, queens and counts!
The desert’s beauty ’tis nothing to compare,
For it never needs snow to have that holiday air;
Parents, children and fluffy sweet dogs,
Will cozy ’round the resort’s Yuletide logs;
Carolers, cookies, hot chocolate galore,
With every fine touch, you’ll hunger for more!
To all, gather ’round, we’ve just begun,
To start this story and have our fun;
Without further pause, delay or ado,
Sit close, lean forward, hear a tale all true;
From a picture book, a legend just penned,
Called ‘Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends;’
You’ll meet Phoe-Phoe the rabbit and head bunny, too,
There’s no sweeter hare or a friend more true;
Though you might find her hoppy or in fact rather jumpy,
But one thing she’s never is melancholy or grumpy!
And then there’s Tut-Tut the turtle from blue Necklace Lake,
Who’s old and wise and enjoys the occasional tea cake;
And finally, there’s Charlie, with a big friendly mug,
He’s a bear, you see, that you can actually hug!
But, my goodness, what’s this? You look rather pale,
Your noses are wrinkly like you ate something stale!
Speak up, now’s the time, there’s not a moment to waste,
What’s your worry, speak clearly, slowly, not in haste;
Confide, oh please, this sudden loss of cheer,
And speak of what you so greatly fear;
What’s this, you quiver, quake and moan,
“How will Santa find us, if we’re not at home?”
Oh, dear ones, that’s easy, don’t squall,
Haven’t you heard that Santa knows everything and all?
He’ll always find you, no matter where you are,
Whether home, or close or further afar;
In fact, he’d say, why, everyone knows,
The Phoenician’s the place he wants to go!
It’s so true, he might never, ever wish to leave,
For there’s no better place to spend Christmas Eve!
– by Emily Randolph, author of ‘Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends,’ ‘It’s a King’s Life ‘ series, ‘Dogs Are…Just Like You!’, and ‘Dima’s Dogs School’



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