Good Dogs Put Their Paws Up at The Benjamin, New York

Good dogs always welcome at The Benjamin's new goodDOG program

‘GoodDOGS’ always welcome at The Benjamin

By celebrityHeadshots_Collage dogs, Happy, Lady & Lucy, of the King’s Life children’s book series about dog-friendly places. They sniff out the best of adventures at luxury hotels for kids and pets.

It’s a lifelong dream of ours to go to New York City and run, like the royal rascals that we are, through Central Park and meet all the pooches that hang there. And should this wish come true, we’ll need a kingly place to put our paws up. The Benjamin sounds like just such a place! Their new goodDOG program includes welcome amenities provided by BarkBox, an in-room pet mini bar, around-the-clock access to an on-call veterinarian, new pet beds and more.  The Benjamin also doesn’t go in for that nonsense about size restrictions. All dogs of all sizes are welcome. We like that and wish more hotels would follow suit. There is a $50 pet fee per stay to deep clean post-stay to ensure the room is allergen-free for future guests. This is not exorbitant in our experience, especially considering how much you get. Here’s the scoop:

  • Barkin’ Great Amenities:

Upon arrival pooches receive a BarkBox, which is specific to the size of the pup.  Each BarkBox features between four and six treats, toys and hygiene products that are hand-selected and veterinarian-approved (the treats are made in the USA or Canada with all-natural ingredients).  Repeat dog guests won’t have to worry about redundancy; each month the BarkBox is thoughtfully crafted.  BarkBox is dedicated to supporting the health and happiness of all dogs and donates at least 10% of profits to shelters, rescues and animal welfare organizations.  Rounding out the pet pampering at The Benjamin are some items for furry guests when they take to the streets of New York City including a BarkBox collapsible water bowl, paw wipes and a roll of plastic bags.

  • The Taste of Luxury

The Benjamin, home to Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s all-occasion James Beard Award-winning restaurant, The National, is known to keep guests well fed.  Not wanting to leave Fido or Fluffy out of a proper New York City culinary experience, the hotel is now offering a five-paw (star) in-room pet mini bar.  This veterinarian-approved assortment of Biscuit Tins by Bocce’s Bakery serves up Beef Bourguignon (slow roasted Pat La Frieda beef with sweet carrots and parsley, seasoned to perfection and served in the form of a wonderfully crispy biscuit); Chicken Cordon Bleu (a timeless dish recreated in the form of a gourmet biscuit with roasted antibiotic-free chicken, paired with nitrate-free turkey bacon and topped with fresh cheese); The Elvis (named after one of the King’s favorites, this peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich remake is lower in fat than the classic and made with lean Applegate Farms nitrate-free turkey bacon, potassium-packed bananas and all-natural peanut butter); and Green Juice (biscuits make from vitamin-packed greens: spinach, kale, sweet apples, spirulina, omega-three packed flax seeds and a touch of mint).  To wash it all down is Bowser Beer (a beefy non-alcoholic brown ale with glucosamine to promote healthy joints) and for a sweet treat, Bocce’s The Big Apple Pie (only three simple ingredients in this low-fat dessert biscuit complete with extra cinnamon for extra-fresh pup breath).  Mungo & Maud water bowls, created for dogs with an eye for style and a taste for luxury, are provided in varying sizes to complete the dining experience.

  • Good Health

With health and wellness being of paramount importance, hotel guests will have access to a 24-hour veterinarian line to answer any and all pooch-related questions (Rufus just ate X, what should I do?).  Pet owners simply need to call down to The Benjamin’s concierge team, anytime day or night, and they will be connected to a vet via phone without delay for a complimentary consultation.

At a hotel known for its innovative Sleep Program, top dog beds are called for to ensure dogs get as good a night’s sleep as their masters.  New Mungo & Maud pet beds are sure to have pooches counting bones and snoozing in no time.

All twelve paws crossed, our dream comes true one day, and we get to stay at The Benjamin.



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