Children’s Book Helps Gabriel’s Angels Pet Therapy Program

Illustration from the children's picture book, 'Dogs Are...Just Like YOU!',

Adapted illustration from the children’s picture book, ‘Dogs Are…Just Like You!’,

By Happy, Lady & Lucy of the King’s Life children’s book series about dog-friendly places

In a series of blogs through the holidays, we’re barking about a very special book for a very special organization. Gabriel’s Angels supports over 13,000 at-risk children using therapy animals. In May 2013, our humans at Happy Lady Books and Patti DeBois, illustrator and animal advocate, published Dogs Are…Just Like You! especially for the charity. The book is used as part of Gabriel’s Angels curriculum, helping to teach empathy, a core behavior, to these special children.

Please purchase the book HERE. 100% of profit goes to Gabriel’s Angels.


About the Book

‘Dogs Are… Just Like You!’ is a children’s picture book narrated by pet therapy dog Gabriel, a Weimaraner, who teaches children about empathy for animals, including how a child must look after his or her pet. Gabriel is also the Founding Dog of Gabriel’s Angels, a pet therapy charity for at-risk children.

Sadly, in May of 2010, Gabriel passed away, but during his ten years as a therapy dog he reached over 10,000 children and left an inspirational legacy of unconditional love and promise for thousands of abused, neglected and at-risk children.

Gabriel’s magical legacy continues with Gabriel’s Angels Pet Therapy Teams actively serving Arizona crisis nurseries, domestic violence and homeless shelters, group homes, residential treatment programs, and targeted school programs.

The program’s goal is to increase the overall sense of well-being and happiness for children in a safe environment, and to build critical core behaviors, such as trust, empathy, respect, tolerance and self-esteem. To learn more about Gabriel’s Angels, please visit


“Emily Randolph beautifully articulates the special bond that exists between children and animals in Dogs Are… Just Like You! and Patti DuBois’ delightful illustrations bring it all to life. By teaching children how to care for a dog, the story teaches children how to care for themselves. They will learn that animals have feelings too and their needs are similar. Therapy Dog Gabriel touched the lives of many at-risk children during his ten years working and taught many of the lessons in this book. It is a must read for children everywhere!” – Pam Gaber, CEO, Gabriel’s Angels

“Gabriel’s Angels and PetSmart share a belief in the positive and lasting impact that pets can have on the lives of children. Through this heartwarming book, children will learn how to be responsible pet parents and enjoy the unconditional love that only pets can provide.”- David Lenhardt, President and Chief Operating Officer, PetSmart.

Gabriel’s Angels’ Mission (from their website):

Gabriel’s Angels is the only program in Arizona that delivers healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children. Our short term goal is to instill in children an overall emotional sense of well-being, safety and happiness. Long term aspiration is to help children learn core social skills that will prevent them from continuing the cycle of violence as adults.
Presently we provide pet therapy services to over 115 agencies and serve 13,000 children annually through nearly 155 Pet Therapy Teams. Our services are provided free of charge to the agency and the children. Gabriel’s Angels pet therapy services are provided by volunteer Pet Therapy Teams, usually consisting of a companion dog and owner. Teams visit each participating agency on a consistent schedule to build trust, empathy and respect in the children.
Gabriel’s Angels future vision is to add 170 Pet Therapy Teams reaching an additional 10,000 children in Arizona. The cost to support one therapy team is $2,500 annually.
Partner agency staff members offer thoughts on the work of Gabriel’s Angels:
 Gabriel’s Angels provides a non-threatening venue to learn self-control and sensitivity.
South Pointe Elementary School
There is nothing more heart-warming than to see a child whose own needs have been severely neglected, beam with pride as he grooms and walks one of the dogs from Gabriel’s Angels. Crisis Nursery’s mission is breaking the cycle of child abuse and Gabriel’s Angels is a key partner in our effort. –  Marsha Porter, Executive Director
Our kids are more willing to accept the feelings of others and share space with new peers and adults.
– Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse

Thank you for your support!


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