Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lucy_Barkity_Fair_CoverHappy, Lady and Lucy – the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stars of the King’s Life series by Happy Lady Books – are very distinct dogs with very different personalities. Below, is the last in a series of their in-depth, individual and enlightening interviews by Rover Reporter, CBO (Chief Barking Officer) of Hollywood rag, ‘Barkity Fair.’
Puparazzi photography and cover design by Dan Merchant.

Rover Reporter (RR): Happy 2nd Birthday, Lucy!

Lucy (L): Thank you! It’s going to be so much fun. I’m having a party today with about ten of my bestest friends – my woof-gang – and Happy and Lady, too, of course.

RR: Good for you! I wish you a great time. How did you come by your name?

L: Well, I have red hair, as you can see, and apparently, I act a lot like Lucille Ball.

RR: Ah, a bit of a jokster, are you? I hear they call you Lucy Goosey. What’s that about?

L: Knock, knock.

RR: Who’s there?

L: Lucy Goosey

RR: Lucy Goosey, who?

L: Lucy Goosey YOU! (Lucy nips him the behind!)

RR: Wooowee! Didn’t see that one coming! Good one.

L: I’m working on a new joke, though, ‘cuz nearly everyone’s heard that one. Want to hear it?

RR: No, thank you.

L: Oh, ok. They also call me silly legs.

RR: Really? Should I be afraid to ask why?

L: No! Now, you’re being silly. They call me silly legs ‘cuz I haven’t grown into my long legs, yet, and they tend to flail when I’m trying to get a game on.

RR: Oh, yes, that’s right! I hear you like games. Ball games, right?_Lucy_Ball.jpg

L: Like? Love, love, love playing ball! Anywhere, anytime. I play in mom and dad’s bed every morning, which is really fun ‘cuz at that hour that can’t throw worth a dang and the ball goes in every silly direction. I love a ball game in water, too – pool, pond, lake or ocean, I’m chasing that ball! I could play all day, but nobody else seems to. I’m hoping for a Labrador for my birthday, today.

RR: Good luck with that!

L: Funny, that’s just what Dad said.

RR: So, besides playing ball, do you have another diversion you like?

L: Oh, yes! I have many interests. I’m the first in the kitchen when something’s cookin’. I can catch frozen blueberries – a personal favorite – on the fly. And, I love tussling with Happy and Lady over a bone. Mom says it’s odd that none of the bones seem ever to get chewed up – that’s ‘cuz were too busy defending them!

RR: I hope this doesn’t bring you down, but I hear you came from a puppy mill.

L: Yes, me and my sister, Fergie, who also lives with a great family here in the Valley. We’re going to get together next month, and I can’t wait!

RR: So, no lingering bad feelings about your past?

L: No, I’m happy now. Just please tell people to stop buying from stores and adopt from their local shelters, instead. Will you do that for me?

RR: I think you just did, and it’s a great message, especially as the holidays are a big time for people getting animals as presents. I only have one last question. Do you have a favorite song?

L: You have to ask?Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,’ by Cyndi Lauper.

RR: Of course! Now, scram, and go do just that!

To read more about Lucy and her adventures, please buy the It’s a King’s Life series.


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