Diggin’ It at The Phoenician’s Canyon Suites

Lady at the Canyon Suites.jpg

Lady at The Canyon Suites, The Phoenician

By Lady, the Cavalier King Charles dog star of the ‘King’s Life’ children’s adventure series

Last time we chatted, I name-dropped The Phoenician’s Canyon Suites and its canine program. To my great envy, Snickers, the dog star of the resort’s new children’s book, Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends, sampled this wonderful new experience sans moi! But, at last, I got my chance.  Ooh la la, I’m here to tell you that The Canyon Suites are, indeed, sweet!

Lady_CanyonSuites_lobby.jpgThe  hotel’s  accoutrements include a not-to-be-missed, delectable room service menu. The ‘Slobbering Salmon’ is to drool over, but if you like chicken or turkey or even a frozen yogurt dessert, you won’t be disappointed. Naturally, special diets are catered to, as well.

In addition, The Canyon Suites offers beautiful bedding, darling dog dishes, tasty natural treats, terrific, eco-friendly toys and superlative concierge services, such as nighttime tuck-ins and doggy walks for an extra fee.

One of the best things, though, about The Canyon Suites dog program – and about all of The Phoenician – is its fabulous location nestled at the base of Camelback Mountain. There are plenty of green spaces to sit and watch the world go by. My favorite spot is a waterfall right behind The Canyon Suites. The sound of the water alone soothes my soul.

Lady Making Friends at The Canyon Suites

Lady vying for the job of Official Canine Greeter, Canyon Suites

I’m also very happy they are donating 10% of room service sales from the first year of the program to the Arizona Humane Society to help those less fortunate than I. You can read all about The Canyon Suites Five-Star canine guest experience here.

Now, the only thing missing is an actual dog – me – to greet everyone that comes to stay. Oh, Phoenician, are you listening?  Woof! Woof! (translation:  I’m available!!!).

More to come next week, as I sniff out adventure® all over this special AAA Five Diamond resort in hopes of earning an invite to its Thanksgiving book-signing event for Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends and to dine on some of the chef’s famous turkey.

Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends


Media inquiries: Denise Seomin, Director of Public Relations & Marketing Communications, The Phoenician, Scottsdale / 480.423.2657

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