Paws Up for Altitude Coffee Lab

Altitdue Coffee LabBy Happy, Lady & Lucy, dogs stars of the ‘King’s Life‘ children adventure series about dog-friendly places

Nothin’ gets our tails waggin’ more robustly than the opportunity to sniff out a new adventure. Yesterday, while we were playing ball in our very own Woof-Gang Park in Las Palomas, we saw through the fence that there were dogs of every size and pedigree straining on their leashes to get a prime patio spot at a brand new hangout about 300 feet away! There was even a teacup terrier in someone’s bicycle basket rolling up get a seat.

Maya and her dedicated owner Larry

Maya and her dedicated owner Larry

Naturally, we decided to check it out and see what the stampede was all about. It wasn’t hard to figure out. The aromatic trail of freshly brewing coffee at Altitude Coffee Lab made our noses twitch with joy as we raced over to find a spot to sit. There were lovely sofas in the sun, all taken, and several tables in the shade, where we found a nice spot next to Maya, a German Shepherd-mix and retired service dog (she was trained to help people with lethal food allergies), and which had a nice view overlooking McCormick Ranch’s Marguerite Lake. We were just in time, as a few minutes later, this patio was packed with doggies and families!


Altitude is both dog and kid-friendly

Mom and Dad ordered up coffee and breakfast sandwiches off a small but tempting menu. Mom was thrilled because she could get an egg sandwich that was dairy free. Dad got the works on his. We didn’t care either way, as long as we got a taste. We sat patiently – in utter disbelief – as they polished off their entire meals without once, NOT ONCE!, offering us a nibble. In fairness, the sandwiches were so good, they forgot about sharing. We understood – as long as Dad was willing to give us a lick of his coffee and cream. You can see by our picture what we thought of it. Lip-smacking great!

We’re definitely going back. There are quiches, muffins, gourmet salads and paninis still to try, and rumor has it that they will soon be offering brunch and music. Best of all, it really is in our ‘hood, so it’s likely we’ll be hanging four there frequently. Looks like we are going to have to do a new edition of It’s a King’s Life in Phoenix to include them. We give Altitude 12 paws up!


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Their latest book in the ‘King’s Life’ series is It’s a King’s Life in Aspen Featuring the Hotel Jerome


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