Training Day with Mommy

Photo by Dan Merchant

Photo by Dan Merchant

We – the three Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stars of the ‘King’s Life’ series and our humans – love creating high-quality, children’s picture book depicting our travel adventures. As it turns out, our books require more than a great story told in words and colorful, unique photo illustrations. Oh, yes. In order to pull all that off, we need regular training sessions to be at ease in what might otherwise be stressful situations. Luckily, for us, our mom, Emily, knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it come to training.

Photo by Dan Merchant

Photo by Dan Merchant

Mom’s first book, written 10 years ago, Dima’s Dog School: The Foolproof New Way to Train Your Dog, was co-authored with Dima Yeremenko, ‘The Dog Whisperer of London.’ Dima’s legend continues to grow, and Mommy uses the techniques she learned from this master to train us.

‘Stay’ is a very important command for us, but it isn’t always easy. “I have a great deal of difficulty with this particular lesson,” barks Lady. “I don’t want to stay, I want to hug! So, before an important photo shoot, we go out to the green near our house, and we practice, practice, practice! Mommy knows that if there’s a treat in it for me (I’m partial to locally-produced treats, Bentley’s Biscuits), I’m very attentive. If I ‘stay’ for a few moments, I will be rewarded. I learned this as a puppy through Dima’s unique Handfeeding training program, and it works great for me. I pay careful attention and wait, maybe not that patiently, for the next command.

Flaps_Up-BF_DSC_0311.jpg“If Mom says, ‘Come’, I race as fast as I can – ear-flaps up – to get back to Mom for my treat. I don’t enjoy running as much as my brother, Happy, or my sister Lucy, but the promise of a treat (or a hug) gets my motor running. I race across the green as fast as my little legs will go for my reward. Then, I’m ready for Mom’s next direction.

Photo by Dan Merchant

Photo by Dan Merchant

“Whoa. I was wondering about that basket! What we are going to do? This is new. Maybe there are treats in there!

“Yes, there are treats! But, I’m having a little trouble getting in so Mom, whose been working-out at the gym, gives me a lift and places me inside. And I get a treat! I’m diggin’ this whole basket thing. Now, all I have to do is sit here. Easy. I can do that – well, foBasket_BF_DSC_0353.jpgr a minute or so until Daddy snaps a photo. He usually snaps and snaps until he gets the image just right. He’s learned to be fast, though, ‘cuz he knows I get antsy for my reward.

Get Out“He must have liked what he got because Mommy just gave me the sign, and I’m outta here! OK, what’s next? I’m so ready!”

Stay tuned for more from Lady as she introduces a series of blogs around her Mom and Dad’s latest book release, Discover The Phoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends. Media inquiries: Denise Seomin, Director of Public Relations & Marketing Communications, The Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale / 480.423.2657

Discover ThePhoenician with Phoe-Phoe & Friends


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