It’s a King’s Life at the Hotel Jerome, Aspen

Hotel Jerome Lobby

Lady, Happy and Lucy, waiting patiently to check-in in the lobby of the Hotel Jerome, with their new friend, Byron (center with red bow). © Happy Lady Productions, LLC

By Lady, Happy & Lucy, the three Cavaliers of Happy Lady Productions

When we were invited to stay at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen this summer, we barked at the chance and high-tailed it there just as fast as our furry paws could go. It’s an 11 hour car ride – give or take a few pee stops – from our home in Scottsdale, so we were extremely excited by the time we got there. And, oh boy, oh boy! it was sure worth the wait.

From our curbside greeting with treats from the valets to a royal Swiss belled-welcome by mascot Byron – a stuffie Bernese Mountain Dog –  we couldn’t have felt more like the Kings (and princesses) that we are. Life got even better when Byron showed us to our room and we discovered three plush beds, perfect size for each of us, accompanied by bowls and bones awaiting us.


The finest pet-friendly amenities are on-paw at the Hotel Jerome © Happy Lady Productions, LLC

We could bark on and on about how perfect this hotel is for just about everyone: dogs, kids, a romantic couple’s getaway… it’s so intimate and so very unpretentious in its luxury; we always felt very comfortable, like we belonged. Like we were family. But, we don’t want to give too much away! We’re saving all our good stories for our new book, It’s a King’s Life in Aspen, release date by Thanksgiving 2013. Needless to say, we give it all 12 paws up! The Hotel Jerome is one of the most dog-friendly places we have stayed. If it wasn’t for all the great places to hike and sniff all about this beautiful, flower-laden town, we might never have left the hotel.


All dog residents of the Hotel Jerome can put this sign on their door when they are napping in-room. It also means they’ll likely get extra belly rubs when housekeeping comes in! © Happy Lady Productions, LLC

We recommend being an in-room pet at the Hotel Jerome, no matter what the season. Stay tuned for more about this wonderful place!


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