Interview with a Lady

Barkity Fair Magazine

Happy, Lady and Lucy – the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stars of the ‘King’s Life’ series by Happy Lady Productions – are very distinct dogs with very different personalities.  Below, is the first in a series of their in-depth, individual and enlightening interviews by Rover Reporter, CBO (Chief Barking Officer) of Hollywood rag, ‘Barkity Fair.’ Cover Photography by Dan Merchant.

Rover Reporter: Do you have a pet name?

Lady: Certainly! It’s Lady Love. Don’t you think I’m adorable?

RR: I do! It’s really you.

Lady: I know.

RR: Right. And do you think there any actresses that resemble you?

LL: Oh yes, I’ve always thought that Goldie Hawn has my mannerisms down pat. She’s so sparkly and lovable, just like me! She even does her hair like mine. We both have golden, windswept highlights.

RR: I can see the resemblance! They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery. And, do you have a favorite sport?

LL: Oh, I just love sitting on the steps of a swimming pool, feeling the cool water massage my legs.

RR: Is that really a sport?

LL: (Snorting) Of course it’s a sport!

RR: Moving on. Besides being a bathing beauty, do you have any favorite diversions?

LL: FOOD! I LOVE food. I really do. I’m a true foodie. Raw carrots, salmon, haddock, fruit, even prunes – anything goes. Speaking of, we should order something. I’m famished!

RR: I’ll see what I can dig up. In the meantime, do you have a favorite film?

LL: (Giggling) Do you really have to ask? ‘Lady and the Tramp’! The spaghetti scene is my favorite. Do you have any spaghetti? I love a good bolognese sauce!

RR: I bet I can guess your favorite song… Tom Jones’ ‘She’s a Lady’?

LL: Now, you’re catching on!

RR: And finally, what do you want your fans to know about you?

LL:  I would like to be known and remembered for my tremendous capacity to love…even if at times I can come on a little strong. Hug the world, I say, and it will hug you right back!

RR: Thank you, Lady Love. Words to truly live by! CRASH! (Chair tumbles over) Lady, stop! I can’t breath!

After Rover recovers from his injuries, his next interview will be with Lucy, featured in the September issue of Barkity Fair. Read it here, first! Want to see what Happy, Lady and Lucy are up to daily? Join them on Facebook. Make their tails wag and ‘Like’ their page!

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