Honestly Grrrrrrreat!

By Happy, Lady & Lucy of Happy Lady Productions

Over the weekend, Mom and Dad went to a presentation given by “Ed” from pet food company, The Honest Kitchen (THK), at our local Pet Club. Mom first stumbled onto THK about a month ago, when she was looking for an even healthier alternative to our current diet of homemade. We can tell you, we weren’t complaining. We were getting organic chicken, beef, salmon with veggies and pumpkin along with supplements. Every breakfast and dinner was a feast! But mom was worried she wasn’t providing us with an adequate balance of nutrients (and I think she was sweating over the cost, too, now that there is three of us). Plus, traveling with our diet was a bit of a challenge – though not impossible. Hello, room service! 

So, one day she visited our new Pet Club to investigate what might work as an alternative and immediately discovered The Honest Kitchen, a slowly dehydrated line of human-grade raw food for cats and dogs. We immediately loved it! Here’s what Mom and Dad learned from Ed; we’re pretty sure it will make you love it, too:

The beauty of this line is that it is nutritionally complete, filled with vitamins because the veggies and proteins are all raw before they are gently dehydrated, it smells great, and it’s easy to prepare – just add lukewarm water (hot water actually cooks the food and your dog or cat will get fewer vitamins, said Ed).

Our particular line, called Zest, featured with Lady in the photo, is made of… wait for it… Icelandic, line-caught (no dastardly nets), wild white haddock that is dehydrated immediately in Iceland. All the food is prepared at a human-grade food manufacturer in the US and none of the ingredients come from China.  Other important points, included on their labels:

  • Never baked, canned or extruded
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Complete & balanced
  • Made without irradiation
  • Taste-tested by people – COOL!
  • No genetically engineered ingredients
  • No corn, wheat, soy or rice

They also have a very innovative line of supplements and teas, such as Lithe tea™ – which Lady wants to try for her elbow dysplasia. It’s described as “a natural herbal medicinal tea for dogs to support normal joint health, flexibility and movement.” It contains “alfalfa, white willow bark, yucca, ginger, red clover and boswellia.” The water and the leaves from the tea can be used to make the daily food. Mom says she wants to try it for her aches and pains, too.

Our conclusion: 4-paws!!! The Honest Kitchen food is honestly grrrrrreat, and we’re going to bark about it for a very long time! And thank you, Ed, for giving such a great presentation. Mom and dad learned a lot, and we’re very happy, healthy and lucky doggies.


Husband-and-wife creative team, photographer Dan Merchant and author Emily Randolph, run Happy Lady Productions, a philanthropic book publisher supporting animal rescue and pet therapy programs.

Happy Lady Productions’ titles include: It’s a King’s Life book series, ‘Some Days You’re the Dog… Some Days, the Hydrant!’ and ‘Limericks by The Brothers Randolph’.

Upcoming releases include: ‘Dogs Are… Just Like You!’; ‘Sisters’; ‘Just Desserts!’; ‘It’s a King’s Life in Phoenix; and ‘Handfeeding Handbook: 5 Easy Steps to a Well-Trained, Happy Dog.’

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7 Responses to Honestly Grrrrrrreat!

  1. Very nice and encouraging article, like the way the product is made up. Do we now have to search around for this item or could you tell us where it’s available, thank You. My cavvies are very picky eaters, maybe this will do the trick, the other 56 bags of food don’t :-{{{{{{{

  2. mustelidblues says:

    I love the Honest Kitchen! I am glad you and your pups are pleased with their products, too 🙂 Happy eating!

  3. Jamie says:

    My three LOVE the food. I couldn’t get them to leave kitchen while the food was on the counter re-hydrating.

    Nice to see you and Dan on Saturday.

  4. Frances says:

    My Pumpkin, 3 year old Blenheim, eats Thrive by THK and he is a healthy beautiful dog.

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