Counting Our Blessings On All Four Paws

By Happy, Lady & Lucy, Office Dogs of Happy Lady Productions

We are very blessed. We have so many reasons to be thankful, we have trouble counting them all on our four paws – actually, make that 12 in total!

We are thankful for our family, all that we have, all that we are given, and for all that we are able to give to others. This year, with the opening of our new publishing company, Happy Lady Productions, we have even more reasons to feel blessed. We’ve counted them here on 4 paws:

Publishing is enabling us to inspire young writers. At our very first book signing last week, a neighbor’s grandson, let’s call him Bruce, to whom our book It’s a King’s Life had been given, informed us that it had inspired him to begin to write his own stories. He had a series in mind and rattled off a flurry of adventures that his main characters, two cats and a mysterious pal, would have. The pleasure this gives us is indescribable. To inspire a child is for us the ultimate compliment.

By giving the intellectual property rights to a children’s story our mom, Emily, had written to pet-therapy charity, Gabriel’s Angels, we have the opportunity to reach thousands of children and teach them empathy for animals. Published by our company, Dogs… Are Just Like You is in the final stages of production and will be released for the holidays. Not only will the book be used by Gabriel’s Angels’ therapy teams reaching 13,000+ at-risk children every year, the book will be available for purchase to help a growing number of children. All proceeds will go to the charity, with which we are humbled to be involved.

Publishing has allowed us to expand our world and meet many more people – and pets – both of whom inspire us on a daily basis. From the courage of animals like Crash, a blind dog, and iHop, a three-legged dog who both live lives of gusto better than most of us, to individuals making small but critical differences daily in the lives of animals, we feel privileged to be making so many wonderful acquaintances.

Starting a new business isn’t easy, and writing and creating artwork may expose oneself personally more than many other things do. We put a lot of who we are right out there for all to see – and the warmth and support we have received from friends, family and complete strangers have been unexpected and so very rewarding. We are putting one paw in front of the other and looking ahead knowing that even if we falter, we have friends, old and new, who will dust off our coats and keep our tails high and wagging.

For this and all of the above, we are very grateful. We wish all of you a truly wonderful Thanksgiving.


Husband-and-wife creative team, photographer Dan Merchant and author Emily Randolph, run Happy Lady Productions, a philanthropic book publisher supporting animal rescue and pet therapy programs.

Happy Lady Productions’ titles include:It’s a King’s Life book series, Some Days You’re the Dog… Some Days, the Hydrant! and Limericks by The Brothers Randolph.

Upcoming releases include: Dogs Are…. Just Like You!; Sisters; Just Desserts! and Handfeeding Handbook: 5 Easy Steps to a Well-Trained, Happy Dog.


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2 Responses to Counting Our Blessings On All Four Paws

  1. I enjoyed reading your thanksgiving message. We thank the Lord every day for Heidi, our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog and the joy she has given us for about seven years so far. We’ve been blessed by many boxers during our 50+ years of marriage as well as a couple of cocker spaniels, a border collie, four or five St. Bernards, an Akita and a golden retriever. Each one has enriched our lives over and over.

    I applaud you and your vision for Happy Lady Productions.

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