Doggone it, what’s so funny?

– By Happy, Lady & Lucy, Office Dogs & Stars of Happy Lady Productions

Ha ha ha. So, now Mom and Dad have published Dima Yeremenko’s joke book about dogs, Some Days You’re the Dog… Some Days, the Hydrant! All we’ve heard for the last 2 months is crossbreed jokes… you know, like: What do get when you mix a Cavalier and an Airedale? A Caviar… a very expensive British dog! And one-liners like, Did you put the dog out? Why, is he on fire? Talk about politically incorrect! We don’t know how we’ve survived, but frankly, we’ve been at the end of our leashes, here. Make no bones about it, we are relieved that the book has finally been published.

But, at least we get the final word here. We’d rather be a dog than a hydrant, any day!


Emily Randolph is the Owner of Happy Lady Productions, a philanthropic book publisher supporting animal welfare and pet therapy programs and the author of It’s a King’s Life book series and co-author of Dima’s Dog School.

Happy Lady Productions’ titles include: Some Days You’re the Dog… Some Days, the Hydrant! and Limericks by The Brothers Randolph. Upcoming releases include: Dogs Are…. Just Like You!; Sisters; Just Desserts! and non-fiction Handfeeding Handbook: 5 Easy Steps to a Well-Trained, Happy Dog.

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2 Responses to Doggone it, what’s so funny?

  1. Tamara Benko says:

    Sounds like a very cute book!! Love the picture!

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