The Definitive Answer on Dog Holiday Costumes

Yulia Titovets,

To dress up your best friend or to not dress up your best friend, that is the question!

This has dogged many a pet owner. So, at last, we provide the answer, straight from our mouths to your ears. As you know, we – Happy, Lady and Lucy – are dogs, and so we consider ourselves experts on the dog perspective. So, now that the legitimacy of our authority is out of the way, on to the answer.

You humans seem to fall on two sides of the aisle on the costume drama equation. On one side, you have those who think that dressing us up is silly – and there is a portion of those who think it’s also inhumane. On the other side are those who take great joy in dressing up us dogs and this includes those on the far side of the aisle that go to all lengths from colored nail polish to ‘art grooming’ – for example, instead of a pumpkin costume, they’d groom their dog to look like a pumpkin. Yes, that surprised us, too.

What we can tell you is that you are over thinking this! Some of us dogs just adore being fussed over. Purple nail polish? Bring it on! As long as we can spend time with you, we are happy. Others can’t tolerate a lot of touchy feely, and so costumes aren’t that appreciated, even a sporty bandana. So, the key is to know your dog and take in consideration what is fair to him or her – not just what pleases you. It goes without saying, of course; we should never be forced to wear anything, especially something that is dangerous to us in any way.

If dressing up your dog embarrasses you, hey, don’t do it – but don’t for a minute think that we would be embarrassed by whatever getup you put us in. We really don’t think that way (an interesting article by Stanley Coren addresses this). If you love to dress up your dog and you know he or she loves the attention, well, have a ball together. Indulge your silly side and give us all your attention. We love it! And this in turn makes you happy. And this makes other people happy, and they then lavish their attention on us, which makes us doubly happy. Happiness breeds happiness.

Got it? Good. Next question.

– Happy, Lady & Lucy, Happy Lady Productions

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2 Responses to The Definitive Answer on Dog Holiday Costumes

  1. Jamie says:

    Great post! Never in a million years would I have thought I’d put sweaters or t-shirts on a dog. Along came Roxie. My petite, smaller than the breed standard, diva dog. When I saw her shiver the first time during her first cold southern Arizona winter, I dashed off to PetSmart to get her a sweater. Turns out my Roxie LOVES to wear sweaters and t-shirts. Seriously, the dog loves it. She got her first Halloween costume this year from one of my dear friends. She will wear it proudly as she marches in PetSmart’s Halloween Parade.

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