At last, the iPaw has arrived!

While you humans are lining up breathlessly for the new iPhone – which, hello, is still, A PHONE and takes time away from your best friends (us, if you recall) – we are panting over a new wireless invention by 13-year old Nicholas Planidin called the Doggie Detector. This high-tech gadget helps dogs alert their humans via text message on their smartphone that “Fido needs to go outside.” The dog must simply press a paw resting on a bowl-like surface to set the whole process in motion.

Planidin’s invention has been so well received, he was named Arizona’s Merit Winner in the 2012 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Planidin admits that the training aspect needs to be solved somehow – but with great rewards, we are pretty sure dogs will want to get their paws on this gizmo and learn how to use it quickly.

Since the gadget has a big paw on it for us to press, we are renaming it the iPaw and are already salivating over the possibilities of an iPaw 2, 3, 4, 5… Imagine the possibilities! Press this paw pad (instead of apps) and mom runs home to feed us. Press that pad and you race home to take us to the vet, press this one for a belly-rub! Genius! At last, a way for you to use your smartphones that benefits us!

Now, that, my friends, is worth standing in line for.

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful cavaliers,

Happy, Lady & Lucy

Happy Lady Productions

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