Idiomatic Pawsonalities

The late great Julia, says: “Shake off your preconceptions!”

There are all sorts of misconceptions and prejudices about dogs. Not all of us dogs, for instance, work like dogs.  Some of us are quite lazy, in fact. Meaner than a junkyard dog is not very nice or accurate either, giving dogs from the wrong side of the track an unwarranted bad name. And surely, you wouldn’t drink the hair of the dog that bit you; whatever for?!

We also take great exception to dirty dog – personally, we swim every evening and are brushed daily! – and sick as a dog, as you humans can nurse a bad tummy for days. We just upchuck and get it over with. What’s the big deal?  Dog eat dog…  not likely! And finally, you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. Sheer blarney. We keep learning just like you do, especially if there are rewards.

The point is, we are all individuals and have our own personalities. You can’t pigeon hole us (we wonder how pigeons feel about that idiom!). Lucy is a mischievous, sporty girl, always up for a game. Lady is a lover and lives up to her name in manners and grace, preferring the chaise lounge over a neighborhood trek. And Happy is loyal, protective, sensitive, watchful and a super athlete. All of us Cavaliers; all of us different.

So give a dog his day and never pre-judge us, as that would be as bad as the tail wagging the dog!

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful cavaliers,

Happy, Lady & Lucy

Happy Lady Productions

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