Your Weekend Wag

Emily in blissful quietude with Lady and Happy

As the weekend arrives, it’s time for you humans to step away from your multitude of high-tech gadgets and focus on enjoying life – and more precisely, on us four-legged friends. We nudged an article, The Joys of Silence, by Claudia Kawczynska, the editor of Bark magazine, under our parents’ noses, today. It covers just this topic. She writes:

…one of the most endearing gifts my dogs provide is the excuse to step away from it all and simply spend time with them – walking, playing, cuddling, all in blissful quietude that only time spent with a ‘non-verbal’ companion can bring.

We couldn’t agree more.

We dogs allow you to focus and be still. Our breathing aligns, as our bodies snuggle up to yours. There is the bliss of quiet companionship that cannot be found in your daily lives of hustle and bustle. We wish you would stop more and take in the world around you and enjoy it with us. This may in fact be one of our purposes here on Earth – to remind you of the physical world filled with animals and communication of a completely different sort, of nature, if you will.

Stop and look into our eyes and we see all that you feel. Hold us close and we understand your worries. By being with us, we hope we allow you to let go of those concerns and find new and better paths to walk – together.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Three Cavaliers,

Happy, Lady and Lucy

Happy Lady Productions

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