To Train or Not to Train: A Dog’s Perspective

©Yulia Titovets,

We often hear humans say, “I don’t want a circus dog. I don’t believe in training.” Grrrrrr. They may think they are being good to their dogs, but in fact, it’s like parents keeping their kids from going to school. It’s actually cruel. There is no substitute for a good education for dogs. It opens up all new worlds for us. In fact, we are here to tell you that we love training!*

The main benefits are:

  • We get lots of treats!
  • We have your undivided attention.
  • We get lots of treats!
  • We learn a little of your language and how better to communicate with you.
  • We get lots of treats!
  • Because we understand you better and learn your rules, we get into trouble less often – which makes you happier – which makes us happier.
  • We get lots of treats!
  • We learn how to stay out of harm’s way when we learn your safety commands.
  • We get lots of treats!
  • We might not want to be circus dogs, but we do like to learn new things and show off our skills.
  • We get lots of treats!
  • And, if we don’t eat too many treats, training is very good for our overall health and fitness – and yours!

So, the next time you hear a human say “I don’t believe in training,” show them all the cool things your dog can do and what a great bond you have with one another. They will be instantly envious and will be asking for your trainer’s name in no time.

*We freely admit that we love training but our humans can come up short in their training skills. Hence, we are not ready for exhibition nor shall we ever be, most likely! Still, we all try, and have fun trying, and that’s what counts.

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful cavaliers,

Happy, Lady & Lucy Randolph

Happy Lady Productions


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2 Responses to To Train or Not to Train: A Dog’s Perspective

  1. Kim says:

    Our late, great Caesar dog was always thrilled and proud to show us what he knew. He prided himself on knowing his routine and showing you two minutes early that he knew what came next. Training!

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