Counting Our Blessings: Life with Lucy

Life is often so busy, we forget to “paws” and think about how lucky we are. Today, we are counting our blessings: good health, a good home, good food, humans that adore us, and as you’ve already heard, a new little sister, Lucy, a nine-month old pupster who has truly brightened our lives. We found a little poem that we are dedicating to her:
Puppy Days
Bless this frisky puppy 
Who’s into everything
[Her] playful fresh behavior
Is like a day in spring
Remind me to be patient
When [she’s] chewed another book
Or races through the living room
With a newly laundered sock
[She] loves without condition
Gives me kisses every day
And greets me with a wagging tail
After I have been away
Like any other baby
[She] needs a lot of rest
When [she] falls asleep curled next to me
I know that I am blessed
— By Louise Webster
Wishing you a wonderful day, filled with blessings big and small.
Happy and Lady Randolph
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