Muttday!: Older Gentleman Greer Seeks Nice Retirement Home

Greer, the gentleman

It’s Muttday. Time to think about adopting a doggie. The AAWL is a wonderful shelter that is working hard to rehome needy pets. We’re trying to do our small part here at Happy Lady Productions. Please consider adopting Greer, a true gentleman.

Here’s what Greer has to say about himself:

Some may say I am 10 years old, but I like to think of myself as 10 years young! Besides, dogs, like fine wine, just get better with age! I am a very sweet and gentle, easy-going gentleman with plenty of pep in my step! I love to lay in your lap and wiggle with joy. Just soaking up some much deserved love would keep this ol’ guy happy as a clam. Well that, and the occasional stroll for some fresh air. If you have a little room in your heart and home for me, I am ready and willing to be YOUR companion, confidant, and couch-mate!


Breed: Beagle; Secondary Breed: Spaniel, American Cocker

Gender: Male

Birthday: 02/28/2002

Size: Medium (21-45 lbs.)

Adoption Fee: $50.00

First day at AAWL & SPCA: 02/27/2012

May get along with cats; Good with other dogs; Compatible with all ages

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful cavaliers,

Happy, Lady and Lucy Randolph

Happy Lady Productions


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