Is 3 a Crowd or Company? An interview with the 3 Cavaliers


Happy, Lady and the new upstart, Lucy

Recently, we expanded the size of our team to three cavaliers. While we weren’t exactly consulted on this new venture, we first did get to meet Lucy, an eight-month old ruby red, to see if we had any issues with her. She seemed like a good egg, so we didn’t object. Of course, we didn’t actually appreciate it was an audition for her coming to stay with us permanently.  It’s been an interesting adventure, but the moral of the story is, there is a settling in period, and we’re just about through it. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. Life should be fairly normal again, soon, just with a little extra cayenne pepper, which we are finding much to our liking.

A reporter recently interviewed all three of us on the expansion our crew. Here are the highlights. Is three a crowd or company? You be the judge.

Roving Reporter: “Who’s in charge here?”

Happy: “I am. Period. There is no way I’m letting a young fiery redhead change that. There are rules. All bones are mine until further notice. If I’m chewing on one, there is a ten-foot circumference that Lucy can’t enter. And if I am on my mother’s lap, Lucy is not permitted to join me. She gets the evil eye first, and then a growl if she persists on pestering me.”

RR: “Do you feel the weight of responsibility having a younger sister, Lady?”

Lady: “Happy is older than I, and he has always been a good brother from the start. When I was a puppy, he was very gentle with me, but always, he told me when playtime was finished. Since Lucy arrived, I’ve taken up the big sis mantle gladly! Now, I am the gentle one when it comes to playtime, and I tell Lucy when it’s time to stop. I really love playing with her, though, and hate to call it quits. Happy still referees and calls time out as he pleases.”

RR: “How are Dan and Emily managing with three dogs in the house?”

Happy: “I’ll answer that. They have been overwhelmed! Lucy had health issues. First a false pregnancy, then Giardia, then she went into heat before they could have her spayed. Plus, there was the toilet training on top of all that with many interrupted nights of sleep. Pee, poop, blood and sleep deprivation. This was a real test and our parents managed, but not with their sanity intact entirely.”

RR: “And now you, Lucy. How are you managing in your new home?”

Lucy: “I love my new home, and I’m so glad Happy, Lady, Emily and Dan rescued me. My life is wonderful, now, and I love sleeping on my mother’s pillow at night (not sure why she is complaining about an aching neck).

“This said, I don’t know what’s the matter with everyone! There are so many rules, and I could play all day! And, I get going before the sun comes up. Yup, I’m an early riser. The rest of the bunch, not so much.

“At least once a day, I do get Happy and Lady running after me through the house and into the garden. I am pretty fleet of foot, and I like to see them try and catch me. Ha! Good luck with that! I also love playing ball, but Happy is stronger and faster so it’s hard for me to ‘win’ too often. Sometimes, I think he lets me win a little.  Overall, he is a bit of a grouch with his chew bones, but I do look up to him and wish he’d show me a little more affection. Lady is a sweetheart, and I love her. We’re as close as two sisters can be. We even curl up together for naps. I follow her wherever she goes. She doesn’t seem to mind me at all… even when I sit on her.”

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful cavaliers,

Happy, Lady and Lucy

Happy Lady Productions

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