Pawfect Parker Needs a Home!

Monday is Muttday! Time to think about adopting a dog. How about Parker? He’s a handsome guy, for sure! Please see what pawfect Parker from the AAWL has to say about himself.

Good Day! My name is Parker. I’m an adventurous guy who would make a great hiking/camping partner. I love to explore new surroundings and then run over to someone to show them the new things I’ve found. Even though I love a good adventure and to explore all day, I love even better to come and sit by your side and enjoy some good company.

I do wonderfully with other dogs and make a great canine companion. I also love kids so I know I will make a pawsitively perfect addition to any family!

If your looking for a laid back, easy going buddy who likes to chill-out next to you and just enjoy life…look no further!!

Parker’s Info
A Friendly boy!!
Breed: German Shepherd
Secondary Breed: Pug
Gender: Male
Birthday: 02/03/2011
Size: Medium (21-45 lbs.)
Adoption Fee: $175.00
First day at AAWL & SPCA: 01/31/2012
Compatibility: Not recommended for cats, good with other dogs, recommended for Elementary and up

Thank you for thinking about adopting a dog.

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful Cavaliers,

Happy, Lady & Lucy

Happy Lady Productions

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1 Response to Pawfect Parker Needs a Home!

  1. Jamie says:

    Sweet pup. I hope he finds a wonderful, loving home.

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