Dogs Make Children Smarter

Dogs make children smarter. Of course, we could have told you this, but we have fun letting you learn all of this on your own. Dogs – and pet ownership in general – makes children smarter. A new survey by ‘Pets at Home’ was conducted with 1,000 pet-owning children ages 5-16. Pets of many descriptions were identified – and interestingly the small but mighty chinchilla got the highest marks. This must have been a statistical blooper! Other than that anomaly, I bet you didn’t know we were helping your kids with their homework. According to the survey, having us around provides lots of other benefits as well:

  • 86% of children with dogs felt they had a positive effect on their schoolwork
  • Approximately half believe that pet ownership makes them happier
  • One third said pets make them feel calmer
  • A fifth felt their pets made them more intelligent
  • 36% claimed their pets make them more caring
  • 34% feel a greater sense of responsibility
  • One in five have become better at talking to people.

Read the full article here from the Mail Online.

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful cavaliers,

Happy and Lady Randolph

Happy Lady Productions

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