We Know If You’re The Sharing Kind

We watch you and understand you more than you think, you know. How you treat other people is how we assume you will treat us. You humans are fairly bright, so we don’t quite know why it took you so long to figure this out. But, now that you have, we can make progress toward better communication.

A recent study conducted at Barnard about our canine behavior demonstrates that we understand when someone is selfish or generous. If you are generous with another human with food, we assume and hope that you will show the same generosity toward us when we ask. If you are selfish, we know our chances are smaller that you will share; we are more likely to ask your more generous friend, given the choice.

If you ask our opinion, we also know when someone is kind or not, and we will be fearful of someone who shows unkindness toward other humans – or other animals. We know that unkindness might possibly be unleashed on us, too.  We understand, we really do.

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful Cavaliers,

Happy & Lady Randolph

Happy Lady Productions

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