Play Dates for Pooches

It’s a serious world out there. Or is it? The fact is most of us would rather be playing at whatever we like to do rather than whatever we have to do. We dogs are no exception. Most of us love to play together (and very early and frequent socialization is key to our development)! We love to go out and mix it up with other dogs. But, often, our environment – which is by and large structured by humans – isn’t that conducive to letting it all hang out and releasing our inner puppy. So what’s a pooch to do?

Some of the best possible opportunities to play can be predestined… through organized play dates. Chances are there are several other dogs in the neighborhood that you would like to get to know better and vice versa. We – Happy and Lady – are quite fortunate in that regard, but it took planning to pull it off. We have daily play dates in our neighbors’ garden, Mackie and Lily, who also happen to be members of our collective family – so cousins, if you will – and who are ardent (and sneaky) ball players. We spend a good hour playing keep-away with a small red ball (it pretty much has to be red, if you must know). Every Sunday, we have Woofs ‘n Wine. Both dog and human neighbors get together for a playtime in a specially designated spot (complete with signage) just for this purpose, and the humans partake in a bit of wine and nibbles. On our best days, we can be as many as 12 dogs. Some of us ruff-house, some of us play fetch, while others just sniff around our humans for a chance at the party food. But, we all look forward to the time, regardless of our interests.

It’s important to note that this playtime is supervised. We’ll write more about this in our next ‘dlog’ with the help of London dog trainer Dima Yeremenko. For now, it’s time for us to play ball with our cousins, and we’ll be darned if they hog the ball, again, today!

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful Cavaliers,

Happy & Lady Randolph

Happy Lady Productions

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