Nose Perspective

Put yourself in our shoes – I mean paws – and consider a nose perspective. That’s right, nose. You might not have thought about it much, but how we dogs see the world is very different than you humans.  Yes, we tend to be considerably shorter, which tends to change one’s perspective certainly, but our sight is much less important than our noses. Essentially, we ‘see’ the world through our sense of smell – and we ‘see’ extraordinarily well. “The percentage of the dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is actually 40 times larger than that of a human! It’s been estimated that dogs can identify smells somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than nasally challenged humans can.”[1]


© 2012, Happy Lady Productions, LLC

Now, this is not to insult you humans. We love you too much for that. Instead, it’s to give you an appreciation of how differently we look at the world. Viva la difference! Next time, when you are out for a walk with your best dog friend, you may be gazing at a breathtaking sunrise. Our perspective? Sunrise schmunrise! Our pleasure is over the smell of the coyote that passed by earlier in the morning.

Our world is an olfactory paradise, yours a visual. But, we can still enjoy our walks together if we allow one another to enjoy our individual worlds. It reminds us of a saying. One dog’s trash is another’s treasure.

Remember, dogs are people, too!

Your faithful Cavaliers,

Happy & Lady Randolph

Happy Lady Productions


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