Life’s a Beach

Carmel Beach. ©Happy Lady Productions, LLC 2012

We do our best to keep up with current events, so it was with great interest that we read a recent USA Today article about dogs and beaches. We love the beach, running through the salty water, cooling our heels and bellies, and all the seagulls just begging to be chased. Can’t you hear them? We can’t understand why all beaches aren’t open to us 24/7, or at the very least, with specific hours that keep us out of the sun during the hottest hours in the summertime to prevent us from burning our paws. Above all, off-leash beaches are preferred so that we can truly explore our inner dogness.

It seems we are not alone in our quest for “all beaches, all the time” given the health benefits for both humans and hounds, so to speak. Turns out, those beaches that are open to dogs are fairing well with few issues. Why? Because dog owners police themselves, especially so on beaches as they do not want to step in ‘it’ anymore than anyone else does – and because they know that they need to be on their best behavior so they can keep enjoying the beaches with their best friends. All good motives. Life’s a beach, and it should be enjoyed by all creatures on this extraordinary planet. Why shouldn’t dogs have the same privileges?

Remember, dogs are people, too!
Your faithful Cavaliers,

Happy & Lady Randolph

Happy Lady Productions

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